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Customer Feedback & Testimonial

By using CBC Netcomms Internet, we've been able to do our streaming efficiently and serve for our ofice use, the service quality is high and they are very generous with bandwidth for the price they offer.

Senior Pastor
1st May, 2017

Over the past year, CBC has provided us with excellent service and we truly appreciate it. Such great commitment and professionalism should be commended highly. We look forward to better working relationship. 

Restaurant & Hospitality
1st June, 2017

Good customer service, Vibrant IT support system. Strong internet service.

Operations Manager
1st March, 2017

It is a reliable ISP with good customer support and network connectivity.

Project Support
1st June, 2016

Blu Wifi Service from CBC Netcomms has been very good as a value add for our customers and for office use

Chief Operations Officer
17th May, 2017

Excellent customer service experience.

Human Resource & Admin. Manager
24th July, 2017

CBC service has been exceptional since we signed up with them two years ago. They worked seamlessly with our international IT team to get us started in Nigeria, we recommend them for any international company for IT service.

General Manager
4th February, 2017

Happy with the service to date, was using a data capped network but it became problematic because we had large files to transfer on FTP which was slowing business for us and like we all know time is money and money is time. Since we moved to CBC, we hardly have issues with our file transfers, it is cost effective and has made our work efficient and easy access to their customer service.

Principal Architect
1st May, 2017

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