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Custom Solution for Religion Organisations

CBC Netcomms provide solution for religion organisations to utilize ICT, internet and social media to disseminate religious information, increase reach beyond geographical location. This is tagged e-Church and e-Islam.


  • Advanced and Turnkey Live Video Streaming and Podcast Solutions
  • Live Streaming Event Support
  • Advertising, Analytic and Quality Monitoring
  • Burstable and high Internet Bandwidth during service hours/event
  • Unlimited Data Download/Upload
  • Quality Content Management and Information dissemination through all social media platforms


  • Lower the cost of acquiring new followers, converts and worshipers.
  • Engage your audience with high quality video content in real-time
  • Break the barrier to reaching people across geographical locations
  • Reach your members/non-members on the web and on any mobile device
  • Provide the foundation for exciting live engagement with your audience for advertising and interaction