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Our Products & Service Streams

Higher Services, Higher Satisfaction

CBC Netcomms is an industry leader with a diverse service portfolio that includes  VOIP, Broadband Internet Services, Unified Communications, System Integration and Network Management.

To assist you in tackling your IT and ISP challenges, our services focus on advising and helping you and your organisation build an effective strategic ICT plan that best meets your individual organisation’s requirements.

How do we do this? Our technical advisors utilise the latest technology to identify your ICT and communication needs, and then develop a strategy to assist your business in achieving and implementing a customised solution to your ICT and communication requirements. We match your needs within a budget and specified timeframe.

We will also be there to ensure the proper implementation of your organisation’s ICT infrastructure if you choose to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with us.

With our broad range of business, we stand out by developing comprehensive global business solutions for many different customers, in both industrial and consumer markets. Coordinating these service streams with a high degree of synergy is another important strategy.